Capoliveri Legend Cup


When we talk about Elba Island, it would be an understatement to talk only about beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, crystal clear sea and unique sunset views. In fact, in addition to this, sport is certainly one of the most interesting options, which can make your stay unique.

 Cycling, especially mountain biking, is perfect for the special characteristics of Elba and is definitely one of the glories of our island, and one of the most popular disciplines. For over 10 years, the village of Capoliveri has hosted the very famous “Capoliveri Legend Cup“, a legendary and epic competition between enthusiasts and experts of cycling from all over the world, who compete along the suggestive and challenging paths immersed into the green of the island, overlooking a breathtaking sea view. And it doesn’t end here, on October 2nd 2021, the twelfth edition of the race, will be more special than the others because it will host the “Uci Mtb Marathon World Championships” and, consequently, all the best world specialists in the sector.

A real honor for Capoliveri and for the whole island, which is already providing to better organize this important event, meticulously planning the trails on which competitors will battle.

And you?

Do you love challenges?

Are you passionate about cycling?

Do you want to enter the legend?

If so, you absolutely cannot miss this opportunity!

Combining the relaxation of the sea air with your passion for sport will give you the perfect holiday!