Holidays on Elba Island: info and curiosity

Follow us on a journey to the third largest Italian island. You will discover many aspects of the island of Elba, which you have never before imagined,,you will find useful information and practical ideas about what to do and where to go and you will get an idea of how to organize your holiday on this lovely land between the green countryside of the Mediterranean and the wide blue sea. We invite you to participate in and be aware of our little paradise close to home. We live and work there all year, and for us the beauty and sweetness of this island is a source of pleasure and livelihood and it is our wish to help keep it intact, making it more welcoming.

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You’ve often heard us talk about the “Pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago” referring to the seven beautiful islands that make it up: Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio, Giannutri and [..]

Elba Island in April

Information - 18 December 2020
April is one of the months when Elba Island gives its best: beautiful colours, the days get longer, the scent of spring floods the streets and you can feel that calm perfect for those who need to regenerat [..]
When we talk about Elba Island, it would be an understatement to talk only about beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, crystal clear sea and unique sunset views. In fact, in addition to this, sport is cer [..]
Ancient roots If you are on the eastern side of Elba Island, I have to suggest you to visit, even for a few hours, the village of Capoliveri. Perched on the top of a hill, it is one of the oldest inhabited [..]
Take the most touristic resort and the largest and most comfortable beach on the island of Elba, now imagine the opposite situation: this is Fonza! A little training is enough to reach Fonza in 15/20 minut [..]
On June 6th 2007 I was lucky to find myself at the harbour of Portoferraio in the early morning. I was waiting for a friend with whom I would have to accompany students and their teachers on a visit to th [..]

Elba Island in May

Information - 19 February 2019
One of the few things I have no doubts about? On Elba Island May is the most beautiful month! I recommend to friends and I promote it to my best guests with offers and Incentives. I know very well that tho [..]
The first time I came across Elba Island, I was a young man with high hopes. I was working for one of the oldest banks in the world, I felt I was part of a tradition! Unfortunately, the same feeling was no [..]

The love of a life

Information - 28 December 2018
This is my publication about the flora of the island of Elba. There are one hundred and sixty-eight pages of “floral portraits” all dedicated to the plants and flowers of the third largest Ital [..]
After mid-August: “the watermelon with pork”. This is what we say, on the island of Elba, about the delicious fruit, as a metaphor of the Elban summer that is ending. But you have to wait for September [..]

Elba Island in August

Art - 6 August 2018
The holiday on the island of Elba in August can lead to doubts before and, for someone, some inconvenience during the stay. We are at the height of summer, as mid-August marks the peak of highest season in [..]
The bright and sunny days, the irresistible sea water and the insular heat, make July the ideal month for long bathing in the sea. And most of the tourists do this all the time: beach, sun and sea. I find [..]

Spring is a Perfume

Information - 13 December 2017
One of the protagonists of the Elban springtime is the sweet scent of the brooms. Brooms are plants that are resistant and can easily grow in the arid climate of the Island of Elba. The thorny broom, one o [..]
Nothing happens by chance I came across the account of the archeologist Don Gaetano Chierici who spent ten days in the wilds of Montecristo in 1875, thirty years after the publication of the famous novel b [..]
Valle di Lazzaro, on the island of Elba, is today a residential area just off the city of Portoferraio, but in 1988, when Master Luciano Regoli decided to adopt it as a haven and atelier, it was still (in [..]
The ancient village of Capoliveri is a maze of tight streets and low alleys, barricaded on the top of a hill, from which you have a view on the open sea surrounding the island. We would call it nowadays a [..]
You might even not like it. But it’s one of the most extraordinary places that you can see on the Island of Elba although it’s not a breathtaking seaview. It is not even the brilliant blue sea [..]
A tip for those who have no experience of small islands: on a small island, wherever the wind blows and regardless its intensity, you will always find a sheltered spot. The beach at Marina di Campo Being c [..]
After just half hour navigation from Piombino to Portoferraio, the idea that the island of Elba is small soon changes when you see the endless, beautiful rocks that roll out before your eyes. These ten sug [..]
The aim of my most recent visit to the Island of Pianosa was to go to one of the smaller beaches, deliciously unknown in the Tuscan Archipelago. I had already admired it before during a bicycle tour organi [..]
Cave bears and lynx, birch and fir, have shared the lands of the Archipelago for thousands of years with Homo sapiens. From 20,000 years ago, the progressive loosening of the grip of the cold has caused th [..]
In this post you won’t find grand descriptions of the lovely square right on the sea in ​​Porto Azzurro, or even tips on restaurants, pubs, the  beaches or other experiences that you could have. The [..]
Without a swimming bladder, this bony fish is the heaviest and largest, reaching up to three tons in weight and three meters in diameter. The females hold the record for most number of eggs laid in one tim [..]
On some parts of this beach you seem to be on the shores of a large lake as in some places the open sea isn’t visible, it’s like a magnificent natural amphitheatre of dense green hills which span out t [..]

The Other Island

Beaches - 19 November 2015
If you belong to those kinds of traveller looking for something rather original instead of convenient, then these three beaches are for you. First of all you need to go to a part of the island that most in [..]


Information - 18 November 2015
The country of Italy is well known for its many towns, each of which has some special characteristics that are often overplayed by the office of local tourism promotion. On Elba Island however I always hav [..]
During the summer weekends in this gulf there are always numbers of yachts, motorboats, dinghies and boats of all kinds. In the few hours between breakfast and lunch, what looked like a body of water capab [..]
On Elba Island, there are many towns some of which are very old, but there is only one city: Portoferraio. This isn’t because Portoferraio is the main port of the island and the capital, not even for the [..]
In summer, the spectacular Gulf of Viticcio lying within the jurisdiction of Portoferraio is occupied by an unlikely crowd of boats ranging from small sailing boats, to some Russian billionaire’s yac [..]
Whenever landing at Pianosa, I always have the same sensations, that of amazement and a certain irritation. Straight on the ferry, with the contact with the open sea and the monumental cliffs which catapul [..]