Holidays on Elba Island: info and curiosity

Follow us on a journey to the third largest Italian island. You will discover many aspects of the island of Elba, which you have never before imagined,,you will find useful information and practical ideas about what to do and where to go and you will get an idea of how to organize your holiday on this lovely land between the green countryside of the Mediterranean and the wide blue sea. We invite you to participate in and be aware of our little paradise close to home. We live and work there all year, and for us the beauty and sweetness of this island is a source of pleasure and livelihood and it is our wish to help keep it intact, making it more welcoming.

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One late afternoon in May 3, 1814, the British warship Undaunted dropped anchor in the bay of Portoferraio. On board the ship was Napoleon who was defeated at Leipzig and sent into exile on our island. For [..]
A brief excursion into an enchanted landscape. Vast scenery, a splendid natural world and ancient archaeological remains. Duration: 3 hours round trip, but starting from the end of the paved road is around [..]
DESCRIPTION Even though the idea of beauty is subjective, if you ask 100 visitors to Elba which, according to them, is the most beautiful beach, I’m sure that at least 80 will answer Fetovaia. It is [..]
Out of all the 101 things to do on the Island on Elba we would like to suggest………ten. There are countless experiences to be had on Elba in every season, obviously depending on the tempera [..]
DESCRIPTION: The largest sandy beaches on Elba are located in the central part of the island. The name Lido di Capoliveri recalls the most extended stretches of the Adriatic coasts. The beach is  around 5 [..]