Holidays on Elba Island: info and curiosity

Follow us on a journey to the third largest Italian island. You will discover many aspects of the island of Elba, which you have never before imagined,,you will find useful information and practical ideas about what to do and where to go and you will get an idea of how to organize your holiday on this lovely land between the green countryside of the Mediterranean and the wide blue sea. We invite you to participate in and be aware of our little paradise close to home. We live and work there all year, and for us the beauty and sweetness of this island is a source of pleasure and livelihood and it is our wish to help keep it intact, making it more welcoming.

Our Latest News

Heart of stone

Beaches - 15 April 2015
The inhabitants of the island of Elba talk about it as if it was an exotic beach, difficult to reach and a bit mysterious. Felciaio is not any of those things, better to ask what is this beach, as it is fo [..]
e Legend has it that when the necklace of the goddess Venus broke, 7 pearls fell into the Mediterranean Sea in front of the Tuscan archipelago, creating the islands of Giglio, Giannutri, Montecristo, Piano [..]

Forno Beach

Beaches - 17 March 2015
There is a big gulf in the north of the island that has smaller creeks enclosed within it. As if it were possible to contain all the island’s beauty in a single line of coast, the long sandy beach [..]


Information - 16 March 2015
We are used to viewing  Elba as a holiday destination with beaches, the sea, walking, biking, which are all obvious main attractions of the place but it is not as well known now for its agriculture as in [..]
This beach wasn’t made in the same usual way as other beaches which are made from the sandy deposits brought down to the  sea by thousands of years of rainwater, the beach of  Cala Seregola comes from [..]
Rich seabeds of Elba  Elba Island is famous for its extraordinary seabeds, the clear water and the richness of species that inhabit the underwater environment. It is a sea that presents you with unique e [..]
You may or may not like it, but Rio Marina amongst all the other towns on Elba is about the only one that has retained its original features. In the last few decades of the island’s tourist economy the v [..]
In most of the world the noun “cabbage” refers to a variety of vegetable, but here on Elba Island “Cavoli” or cabbage, refers to a well-known beach. And this is not an ordinary beach, but a [..]
Nothing can be ever more deceptive and false than cliché. One of these says that the three bees presented on Napoleon’s Elba flag stood for the industriousness of the three different geographical and ad [..]

Elba Magna

Information - 10 January 2015
Elba Magna is an extraordinary story of a product handmade in quality natural materials, linked to  the history of an area and using the knowledge and resourcefulness of Gabriele Messina and his family. G [..]
It is extraordinary how the geological disorder that exists between the beaches of Lido at Capoliveri and Innamorata has designed a gentle yet spectacular coastline. Blocks of pink marble veined with white [..]


Daily trips - 16 December 2014
In summer the days are so hot that even on the most beautiful beaches of the island of Elba one needs to find a cooler place, but of course a naturally cool place, something that would contrast completely [..]

Elba: 7 unknown beaches

Beaches - 28 November 2014
Among the countless little-known beaches, both small and large, strewn along the coast of Elba, I have seven preferences. If this brief description stimulates your curiosity, you can get to know them in mo [..]
This is a walk between the sky and the sea which, at one time, was the site of the remains of the tiny Romanesque church of San Bartolomeo, in one of the most spectacular scenic routes on the island. Durat [..]
Antonella Marinari and Riccardo Nelli of “La Botte Gaia” “We have transferred all our passions to this place: food, wine, traditions, the pleasure of being in good company, communicating [..]
There are opposing opinions about the beach at Marina di Campo… they are love and hate. At first glance, one wonders how it is possible not to be attracted to this beautiful beach, the largest on the [..]
Fulvio and Leandro are respectively the owner and chef of the restaurant Affrichella, and as often happens in this island, especially when such passion and professionalism are involved, they are also frien [..]

Autumn orchids

Information - 19 October 2014
Among all the island flowers the sweetest metaphor for beauty is the Spiranthes spiralis. A microscopic and seemingly insignificant flower, it is almost invisible to those who don’t pay attention, it [..]

The Vulture’s nest

Daily trips - 10 October 2014
“Not only is it beautiful, Volterraio is also a fascinating, mysterious, powerful place; living a profound secret, above human misfortunes and events of which it was the protagonist. ” G. Rache [..]
  Originally from Reggio Emilia, Antonio is the heart and soul of the Osteria Locanda Cecconi and has chosen to live on Elba and make quality food at affordable prices in one of the most popular places on [..]

Black on Elba

Daily trips - 1 October 2014
The first time visitors lean over the curb on the coastal road that runs along this stretch of coast, they might get a vague feeling of uneasiness with so much dark and uncontrollable power in sight, it ca [..]

Red on Elba

Daily trips - 17 September 2014
If you love paradoxes, perhaps you will enjoy this corner of Elba, which I think you can’t find so easily in the tourist guides and certainly not on Trip Advisor. If you really want to visit, I’ [..]
Porto Azzurro is located in the middle of two majestic promontories which face towards the continent: to the north lie the lands of Rio and the ancient iron mines, and to the south the wilderness of Mount [..]
 By calling it a beach, I don’t know if we do it honor or whether we debase it into something more ordinary, because this is not a common beach; rather, it’s a short interval in the steep clif [..]
It is a strange name for a beach on the Island of Elba, but if our predecessors wanted to make a comparison between divine power of the biblical character and the power of this place, then I agree. The sho [..]
Of all the beaches on the island, Norsi is similar to those people who live under a concealed identity, never easily found but once discovered, it becomes difficult to forget them.Personally, I started to [..]
During the summer there is nothing more refreshing and healthier than a slice of fresh red sweet watermelon. When the population of Elba multiplies itself ten times during the summer months rising from 29, [..]
1 Where is it? The Island of Elba is part of Tuscany, you can find it 9 km and an hours navigation from Piombino, the only port from which the ferries leave for Elba. Piombino is half way between Livorno a [..]
It could be that you never had the intention to swim at Paduella during your stay on Elba since it isn’t well known and also the majority of residents of Portoferraio prefer the more convenient Ghiai [..]
The island of Elba will be forever linked to the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, however in this year 2014, which commemorates the two hundredth anniversary of the landing of the Emperor on Elba, we want to [..]