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Via Rodolfo Manganaro, 104 - 57037 Portoferraio (LI)
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Via per Portoferraio, 14 - 57034 Marina di Campo (LI)
Tel: +39 0565 963006
Fax: +39 0565 916820

The organization through which you are thinking of renting an apartment, a villa, a hotel or a farm house on the island of Elba, has a history.
This story begins in 1993 and has as its protagonist a person fall in love of his island and animated by the desire to share its beauty through sustainable economic activity as much as possible and enriching the natural environment and cultural heritage.
Graziano Rinaldi, the owner of, was among the first environmental guides on the island of Elba, traveler, photographer and author of two successful publications on minerals and flora of the island of Elba in the Tuscan Archipelago.

For many years Graziano Rinaldi has been actively engaged in favor of environmental protection and cultural heritage of their island. Not so long ago, when tourism was still the only beach all declined, he founded an agency that has pioneered the discovery of many visitors accompanied a Elba little known outside their traditional routes.
In addition to the owner, who has extensive experience ,in the hospitality quality Elba, in working young and prepare people, that combine high professionalism to an intense motivation.
We would like to say that almost all of the apartments, villas, holiday homes and country houses that are on, our managers have direct and exclusive.
Although we work with the latest technology, our job is a job artisan: we know what we sell because the island of Elba is the place we love and where we live.
The conduct that today inspires our work is part of the same philosophy that many years ago we did choose to start this business: transparency and honesty. This values may seem naive in the infinite complexity of the network, but we feel itright in the virtual world there is a need to inspire the same concrete trust and loyalty that we feel is essential in any healthy human relationship.
And attach to compliance with these rules in our success, because over time is steadily growing share resulting from regular customers and word of mouth.
Finally, we invite you to consider the attention that we have made also in the presentation of the apartments, villas, residences, country house and hotels, rarely find detailed files on the web with many photographs, a constant search for the best quality/price and so careful assitance both during booking at a later stage by people who work at this company.

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