Flats in Portoferraio

The commonplace for who is not familiar with Portoferraio is that the chief town, since it is the port of arrival and departure of the island of Elba, represents a transitional place where the sea is not clean, due to the constant transit of large ferries. As all commonplaces, this concept is totally wrong. Portoferraio is in fact one of the most interesting seaside locations of the island of Elba, in addition to develop on a territory extremely rich of history and nature, it offers marvellous Mediterranean sceneries that cannot be missed. It’s true that the two skyscrapers at the port are not that charming, they were built after the war where the former steelworks plants were rising, and it can be noticed. But the scenery changes just outside the port area. You can visit the white beaches located at a few hundreds metres from town, or enter the historic centre of Portoferrraio to discover to be on an island within an island, a true Renaissance city, or to discover the charm of its harbour from the castle of Volterraio.
Renting a holiday flat or home in Portoferraio is therefore an excellent choice, because it combines the seaside holiday on some amongst the most beautiful beaches of the Island of Elba, to the discovery of the heart of the island. Portoferraio features a large selection of hotels, holiday flats and homes, residences and villas for all tastes and prices, you can choose flats by the sea in Portoferraio or in green areas away from the noise of summer tourism, but always at a few minutes from the centre and beaches by car. Among the many beaches of the Municipality of Portoferraio, we strongly suggest you to visit those in the northern coastline between Portoferraio and the peninsula of Enfola. These are particularly rare beaches in the Mediterranean area, and also anywhere else. They consist of sand and gravel of various sizes but always extremely white, due to the geological nature of the original rock, the eurite, a large sill of aplitic magma coming from the distant Mount Capanne; large part of the northern coast of Portoferraio is formed by this rock that confers indescribable shine and transparency to the sea. Just an advice: if you wish to visit these beaches at their height, you should visit them when southern winds are blowing. You will be able to understand why on the beach of Ghiaie, at two hundred metres from the port, but on the opposite side, the legend of the Argonauts was born in Portoferraio.