Flats in Capoliveri
The municipality of Capoliveri completely occupies the Calamita promontory, 39 square km of geologically ancient lands, featuring wild cliffs and small sandy inlets that soften the profile. The holiday flats in Capoliveri are mainly located around the small and sometimes extremely tiny sandy coves. The town is instead an austere and charming village, at the top of a hill in a dominant and protected position. If you are interested in renting a flat in Capoliveri, you must be well informed about its position, in fact, due to the geological variety of the rocks that make up the promontory, it may occur that two coves, located near each other, boast different sea bottoms, thus affecting the sea brightness and composition of the sand or gravel of the beach. The cliffs are varied as well, in fact, especially in the southern tip of Calamita promontory, they rise steep and jagged and are extremely suggestive, as if they belonged to an ancient and lost world, while at a few hundred metres, you may lay on the smooth rocks by the seashore and enjoy a peaceful silence and light. Besides the aforementioned coves and small coves, the promontory is mainly uninhabited, also due to the fact that until a few decades ago, it was granted in use to Italsider for iron oxide mines, therefore excluding residential and tourist settlements. Still nowadays, the only tourist centre is the Tenuta delle Ripalte, located at the southern tip of the peninsula, after 9 km of dirt road from the centre of Capoliveri; it is a 19th century villa that has been restored and transformed into a hotel. Some other small buildings are scattered around the main villa and used as holiday homes and flats; since 2002, aleatico vines have been planted to integrate the tourist activity. This area is also called “Costa dei Gabbiani” (Sea gulls Coast), certainly due to the presence of hundreds of yellow-legged gulls that nidify on the ancient cliffs; only a few wild goats adventure themselves among the jagged rocks of Punta delle Ripalte together with white sea gulls. For someone who never visited this part of the island of Elba, they will find surprising to discover such a rough and secluded landscape nearby their holiday flat, perhaps near a small beach surrounded by restaurants, hotels and any other holiday amusement, but it will definitely be a thrilling and pleasant experience.