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Who doesn’t want to get a good deal?

Here you get it for sure, with a guarantee of a REAL good deal. Is it a first or last minute, a tour package including the ferry ticket or some other service, you can always verify the economic benefit coming from our offer. So used to last-minute offers by now, that tourist companies consideri t a common market strategy.
This is not our case. When we plan to launch a property for promoting it to a wider pubilc, we use to promote it with some good discount on the list price or with some other economic advantage in the holiday package, like for istance a free ferry ticket.
In other cases, when we get closer to the date, if we still have some properties available, we make discounts and last-minute offers for closing the booking session as soon as possible.
It’s however not a promiscous operation, as the customer can verify at anytime the price on our website. We call this operation „don’t miss the chance“ as it’s not always about last-minute on Elba or about discounts and economic benefits: sometimes we just add to this category offers that can be interesting for their unicity and peculiarity so that they are simply…to get!

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