Elba Island in May

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One of the few things I have no doubts about?

On Elba Island May is the most beautiful month!

I recommend to friends and I promote it to my best guests with offers and Incentives. I know very well that those who visit Elba in 40/50 days

from late April to mid-June, he/she remains fascinated. Forever.

May was set by the tourism industry, as the season of walking, trekking and sport.

I agree, but I find the limiting thing.

It is said that the sea water is still cold: this is true, but it is not so cold!

Even if you’re not one of those who would dive into the frozen Thames, you can do a bath.

If you want to stay in the water for a long time, swimming and enjoying the unparalleled transparencies of spring,I recommend a light suit.

If instead you find the suit a cumbersome machine, you can dive anyway and after a few strokes (how many is subjective), you will rest lying on the semi-deserted beach, warming you to the warmth of the sun above you and the warm sand beneath you …one of the most rewarding experiences of beach tourism on Elba Islandimpossible in high season.

Not secondary, you can live in a very pleasant way some beaches otherwise impossible during the high season, about this read my post about the beach of Cavoli.

The interest in swimming in the sea during the spring must contemplate a minimum of prudence.

There are two important things:

1. Check the wind direction on your phone

and avoids the beaches where it comes from the sea, this is the golden rule that is always valid:

2. The south coast will normally be warmer, until mid June small beaches to the south such as Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia,

you can still attend them without having to fight for parking and living space.

Given that in May swimming in the sea is beautiful, even wonderful, nothing detracts from the numerous hiking and sporting initiatives of which this month is particularly crowded.

In fact, the natural landscape is at its maximum splendor and you breathe a healthy air that tastes of authentic rebirth …

A reason to become a spring customer of goelba.it is that you will riceive my illustrated guide of the flora of the island.

May in Elba is also the “Napoleonic month”, a bit “to liven up” the low season, a little for the fact that 5th of May of each year is celebrated a Mass in his suffrage in a historic church.

In all cases it is certainly the best time to visit the villages of the island and to participate in various cultural initiatives.

As always, you will find in my articles my personal opinion and I understand that it may not be yours, nor of the majority of Elba’s people or tourists.

I’m telling you this because you will not find a census of events that deal  with motoring events. Maybe you love them more than the tiring excursions and warm days on the beach, but I think they have become incompatible with the “Elba” brand, I don’t think you can please everyone, I believe in specialization.

The idea that everything is good to make money does not seem to me more sustainable in the third millennium.

But I could also be wrong.

Elba Spring Walking Festival 

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Where: On the paths of Elba Island and the other islands of the Park.

When: from mid-April to the end of May

Organizer: Tuscan Archipelago National Park (infopark)

Tel. 0565 908231 walking@parcoarcipelago.info

The slogan is: “walking without haste on the scenic trails of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago”, in fact the excursions with the Park’s guides are organized not only on Elba, but also on other islands. Please consider that the comings and goings starts very soon between Elba Island and the island of Pianosa.

For exact dates and details of the program you must contact the company that manages these activities of the Park at the number or email that I have reported to you.

In addition, on 24th of May, to commemorate the day when, in 1909, the first park was established in Sweden, we celebrate the European day of parks, with various initiatives,

The guides are well prepared and most of them are thoughtful and also good with the customers.

The places visited are all very suggestive, whether it is natural landscapes or guided visits to villages and archaeological emergencies.

Walks are often combined with simple, but excellent tastings of local products.

The advice is to always contact the organization (Infopark) and to book.


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Jogging tour of Elba Island

Among all the sporting events, this is the long-lived.

It takes place over a week with stages of about 10 km per day in five different areas of the island.

Information: http://www.giropodisticoisolaelba.com/


Triathlon Road Iron Tour Elba

After 10 years, this Iron Tour Italy is the only italian triathlon competition in stages, 5 triathlon in 5 days in 5 different places of Elba Island.

Information: www.irontour.it


Elba Island’s Marathon

For those who want to try a one-day running race, this is one is on a truly beautiful route without too much difference in level.

It is organized and takes place in Marina di Campo, on the beautiful coastal road of the south western part of  Elba Island.

To satisfy everyone, on the same day, in addition to the marathon, you can take part in two non-competitive races, a Nordic Walking of about 3 hours and 10 km and a Family Run of about 5 km all on level ground.

Information: Tel. 3492685368 – www.maratonadellisoladelba.it

Capoliveri Legend Cup

Spectacular mountain bike race in mid-May, UCI World Marathon Series trial with two variants.

The first one (marathon) with a distance of 80 km and 3,000 meters in altitude among the breathtaking landscapes of Monte Calamita, valid as UCI Stage mtb xx marathon series (eng) C3, Tappa fcx marathon italian series, Tappa Coppa Toscana.

The second one (granfondo) in the same environments, but with 50 km of route and 1,700 meters of difference in height valid as a stage Tappa Coppa Toscana.

info: www.capoliverilegendcup.it

Napoleonic May

On 5th May  of each year, starting from 1861, in the small church of the Misericordia, in a suggestive corner of the historical center of Portoferraio, a solemn ceremony is celebrated, the solemn mass in suffrage of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The origin of the mass derives from the legacy of a Russian prince linked to the emperor, Anatolius Demidoff, admirer of everything concerning the emperor and Elba Island, Demidoff  bought the residence (palace) of the countryside and he built a gallery to bring together all the objects of the imperial epic.

It is an opportunity to visit the tiny museum adjacent to the church and the particular corner of the historic center between the beautiful pink limestone Napoleone climb and the sixteenth-century De Lauger square, with spectacular views of the capital and the Medici dock.

Traditionally May is the month of re-enactments and initiatives that have to do with the stay of Napoleon on Elba Island, every year you can participate in costumes, conferences, guided tours and much more around the figure of this character that made the island famous.

If you want to know something more about Napoleon on Elba Island read this post on my blog, if you want to know something interesting about the mother Napoleon who perhaps explains certain aspects of his character, see this post.

Accidental Garden

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May is the perfect month to visit the ancient fortifications in Portoferraio because there is a detail that I think is not irrelevant.

The ramparts and the forts, built on the steep cliff, are austere beauty for their austere emotion in all seasons, but from mid-April to mid-June offer a further show that is worth a visit.

Read my post on the accidental garden of the walls in Portoferraio.