Elba Island in August

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The holiday on the island of Elba in August can lead to doubts before and, for someone, some inconvenience during the stay.
We are at the height of summer, as mid-August marks the peak of highest season in terms of presences and the point of transition to the descending part of the curve, that after the first week of September starts going downward.
If you are going to stay on Elba in August you have to know how to organize, take a minimum of familiarity with schedules, key points and … the wind. There are several free applications that can help you, but above all you should have clear ideas about what you want to do and what you do not want do … or if you just want to stay under the pergola of your apartment at the sea to enjoy the long summer days.
What I discourage for several reasons, concerning not only the heat, are the long hikes: August is in fact the right month to enjoy the sea! You can also consult some articles on our blog to get an idea on the beaches that can be good for you, the choice is not lacking, but each has different characteristics, so that you better check them out before:
August Elba is also the month of village festivals, often aimed at self-financing voluntary associations of all kinds, usually not suitable for those who love peace and silence, are instead recommended for those who want to spend an evening in a carefree and homemade environment.






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20 August 1998 was the first time, and since then it has become one of the most interesting and popular events of the summer of Elba.
The tribute to the Genoese singer-songwriter could not be more coherent with the character, both in the setting and in the performance of the evening.
The show takes place in the beautiful square in front of the church of San Piero, a delightful and austere village two hundred meters above the beach of Marina di Campo (but there you breathe completely different air, both in a proper sense and metaphorical!).
Read the post on my blog about San Piero: https://www.goelba.it/blog/san-piero-isola-elba/ and you will understand that a visit is well worth.
San Piero is the “country of origin” of the most touristic centre of the Elba: Marina di Campo. Nowadays, where the economy mostly moves on the large beach down below, the ancient village lives a splendid solitude that you could even like a lot.
We sit on the granite steps in the amphitheatre in front of the stage, enjoy the fresh air with the scents of the island and listen to several Elban artists who compete in the cover of the singer; even if they are not national stars, do not underestimate the talent of these young singers and musicians who can create an even moving atmosphere.
Every year a musician or singer of national fame is hosted and performs as guest of honour.
A tip for your: the parking is just above the village, where the sports field is located, at just 5 min. on foot from the village centre.





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Precisely because of the particular excitement during the Elban August, the initiatives of great substance are not as numerous as in the other months, but fate wants some villages to celebrate their own patron saint right in August, so you can watch fireworks and village celebrations in some of the island’s most famous villages.
For those who likes this kind of show, I’ll point out the most important ones.
Remember that your dog or cat, like all animals, are so frightened by the noise that sometimes they can suffer serious consequences.
RIO MARINA – August 16th – San Rocco.
After the mass takes place the procession and then musical initiatives over the whole village before the fireworks.
I am not particularly attracted by this kind of show but, I must say that, among all the Elban villages, Rio Marina is perhaps the one that returns something more, maybe because that day is “really” felt by the villagers. Not that villagers of other places do not participate with pathos at the event, but my hear tells me that for Rio Marina the fest of San Rocco is truly the most important holiday of the year, be it with tourists or without.
MARCIANA MARINA – 11/12 August – Santa Chiara.
In Marciana Marina the patron saint is celebrated not one, but two days in a row.
The first day take place the religious celebrations, including two Masses, one in the morning and one in the evening, and the inevitable procession in which the patroness is brought to land and sea before being taken back to church.
What characterizes the fireworks of Marciana Marina is the accompaniment by beautiful music, professionally led by a disc jockey.
MARINA DI CAMPO – August 7th – San Gaetano.
Mass and sea procession in the Gulf of Marina di Campo with several divers carrying the statue of San Gaetano from the beach to the boat and vice versa, always at the water’s edge. The event is preceded by musical initiatives. Very suggestive is the gulf illuminated by the colours of the fireworks.
PORTOFERRAIO – 15th August.
The capital celebrates its patron saint San Crispino on April 29, but the occasion of the August holiday is too greedy to not take the chance and repeat the celebration in great form with lots of fireworks that illuminate the beautiful sixteenth-century dock.