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Villas in Marciana Marina\r\nDespite being the smallest municipality of Tuscany, with an area of just over 5 square km and less than 2,000 residents, the territory of Marciana Marina offers a discreet selection of holiday flats and villas, also luxurious ones. This very small village, located in a northern valley of the granite cone of Mount Capanne, during the last decades has welcomed some stars of the Italian jet set, some of which decided to purchase a property here. Indeed, Marciana Marina boasts the “physique du rôle” to be the charming salon of the island of Elba, with a seafront that goes from the beautiful 15th-century tower to the old district of fishermen that rises on a large granite rock as an impregnable fortress. The small size of the town, together with the extraordinary view of the open sea, render it a truly particular place if seen from the sea, nestled in a natural green environment, and an unusual and refined seafront with blooming nature dominated by the highest mountain of the Tuscan Archipelago. Since this is a very small territory, holiday flats and villas in Marciana Marina are mainly concentrated in town or surroundings.

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